March 30, 2023

The One Right in Front of Us

As a parish, we have been reading Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle. (If you missed out being in one of the book groups, I’d still recommend for you to read the book!) In our groups last week, one of the questions was this: “Father Boyle quotes Jesuit theologian, Leon Dufour, who said I have written so many books on God, but after all that, what do I really know? I think, in the end, God is the person you re talking to, the one right in front of you.” (Pg. 158) How does this shape your relationship with God? With others?”

In the Thursday evening group, Epiphany parishioner Marion Dry took this question a bit further. She encouraged her group to use this week to actually practice experiencing God in the person right in front of us. In their final session, they will be sharing about their experiences doing this practice.

I’d like to invite all of us into this practice in the coming weeks. What if God is the person you’re talking to, the one right in front of you? Because if we take the incarnation seriously, then God is actually in the faces of those around us. The unhoused person holding up the sign. The mail person. The people we see on a walk around the neighborhood. A friend who is experiencing a difficult time. People who are different from us. People who are difficult to be around. Classmates, coworkers, family and friends. To encounter these people with love and gratitude is what it means to love God.

We’ll be seeing each other a lot this upcoming Holy Week. Perhaps we can extend this practice to our own community and the ways we are to be together. In the familiar rhythms — waving palm branches, eating together, washing feet, keeping vigil at the foot of the cross. Might we experience each other in new ways, recognizing the divine sacredness in each and every face.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses.” What if we noticed the people around us in the same reverence we would have for God? What if God is the person we’re talking to, the one right in front of us?

I suspect that just might change everything.

With gratitude,
Rev. Janelle


Last Chance:
2023 Easter Flowers & Music

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April Birthdays & Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our Epiphany friends celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in the month of April! 


Palm Sunday Fellowship: April 2

This Sunday, April 2, our entire congregation is invited to join together in Hadley Hall and the Cloister Garden between our two services, from 9:00 to 10:00 am, for a special Palm Sunday reception. This will be a wonderful time of fellowship, hot cross buns, and activities for children. At 9:45 am, we will begin gathering for the Palm Sunday Procession, which will lead us into our 10:00 am service of worship. 


Holy Land Pilgrimage Informational Meeting

We are excited to announce that Epiphany will be taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2024. If you have interest in this opportunity, please contact Rev. Nick. You can join an informational meeting and presentation on the planned pilgrimage this Sunday, April 2 at 11:30 am in the Chapel. 


Holy Week Worship Services

We invite you to join us during Holy Week for worship at Parish of the Epiphany!


Maundy Thursday Dinner Help Needed

On April 6, we will hold our traditional Maundy Thursday Supper and Service. This meaningful annual event is a favorite of many in our parish, and lots of helpers are needed to make it happen. If you can help with cooking, set-up, or clean-up, please sign up HERE

If you are willing to be a table host, please sign-up HERE


Sign Up for Maundy Thursday Night Watch

To sign up to keep vigil for one hour as part of our Maundy Thursday night watch, please click here


Communion for Homebound During Easter

As we approach Easter Sunday, we would like to offer everyone the chance to share in this celebration with one another by bringing Communion to those who are homebound or unable to be present in church during this holy season. If you are interested in a Eucharistive visit, please notify the office via phone (781-729-1922) or email. Our Lay Eucharistic Visitor ministers will reach out to you directly.  


Epiphany at The Dwelling Place: April 29

On Saturday evening, April 29, from 4:30 – 6:15 pm, Epiphany will be serving at The Dwelling Place, a soup kitchen in Woburn for those experiencing food insecurity. Volunteers will be needed to set up, serve, and clean up on that evening (families and kids all ages are welcome!). We will also have a cook day in the Epiphany kitchen to prepare the meals. Interested in the cooking team or the on-site at The Dwelling Place team? Please let Rev. Janelle know. 


Update on the Rawan Family

An update on  the Rawan family, in case you have not already heard. The Housing team has faced the same challenges we are all reading about in the news: there just isn't sufficient affordable housing available and waitlists are years-long in Massachusetts. As much as the Rawans love Massachusetts and Arlington in particular, they have made the decision to move to Virginia in late June, after the end of the school year. They have family there (Ihsanullah has two brothers, Zahida has one), and there is a significant Afghan community to offer support. It's difficult for us  to see them leave the area, but they will be near family and a community network to help them find a home and a lifestyle they can afford. At the last Housing meeting, Isanullah said how are very grateful they are for all we have done for them.

The Housing team  will be needing volunteers to help with this move: to pack up; load on moving day; drive as part of a possible "caravan"; do post-move light cleaning at 72 Harlow St; dispose of what the family does not take.

If you would like to and are able to  volunteer for  any of these moving tasks (tentative timeline between June 20 - June 27), please contact Housing Team lead, Roz Nazzaro.

NOTE: The children do not yet know about the move, so if you interact directly with them, please DO NOT mention the move. Thank you so much!


Help with Fellowship Hour

Sign Up to Help with Fellowship Hour

We are looking forward to festive coffee hours in April and May. Contributions to the shared food and help with clean-up are always appreciated. In particular, we are looking for a couple of people to help with clean-up during the Easter morning reception (April 9).  Please sign up to help by clicking the button above. 


This Week's Calendar

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Thursday, March 30

5:30pm Lenten Book Study Offered by Men's Group via Zoom 

6:30pm Lenten Book Study in Winchester 

7:30pm Parish Choir Rehearsal in the Upper Parish Hall 
9:00pm Compline via Zoom 

Sunday, April 2 — Palm Sunday 

8:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite I in the Sanctuary
9:00am Palm Sunday Hot Cross Buns Reception in Hadley Hall (Sign up to help
9:00am Bible Study in the Suter Room
9:00am Parish Choir and Choristers Warm-up in the Sanctuary
9:45am Nursery Care Available (Ages 0-3) in the Dewart Room 
10:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite II in the Sanctuary and via YouTube
11:15am Exploring Our Faith (Grades 6-12) in the Garret

11:30am: Holy Land Pilgrimage Informational Meeting in the Chapel 

2:00pm Scouts BSA Bear Den Meeting in Hadley Hall 
7:00pm Parish Weekend Away Planning Meeting in the Upper Parish Hall 

Monday, April 3

5:00pm Prayer Team Meeting via Zoom 
6:00pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall 
7:30pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall  

Tuesday, April 4 

10:00am Staff Meeting in the Suter Room 
1:00pm Epiphany Visitors Meeting in Hadley Hall 
7:00pm Property Committee Meeting in the Suter Room
7:30pm Parish Choir Rehearsal in the Upper Parish Hall 

Wednesday, April 5 

5:15pm Choristers Rehearsal in the Upper Parish Hall 

Thursday, April 6 — Maundy Thursday 

5:30pm Parish Choir Warm-up in the Sanctuary 

6:15pm Agape Meal with Eucharist in Hadley Hall, the Sanctuary, and the Chapel 

Friday, April 7 — Good Friday 

7:30am Simple Good Friday Worship in the Chapel 

10:45am Parish Choir Section Leaders Warm-up in the Sanctuary 

12:00pm Good Friday Worship with Music in the Sanctuary

6:30pm Parish Choir Warm-up in the Sanctuary 

7:00pm Good Friday Worship with Music in the Sanctuary and via YouTube

Saturday, April 8 — Holy Saturday 

9:00am Simple Holy Saturday Worship in the Sanctuary 

9:15am Altar Guild Preparations for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday in the Sanctuary 

6:30pm Parish Choir Warm-up in the Sanctuary 

7:30pm The Great Vigil of Easter in the Sanctuary and via YouTube

Sunday, April 9 — Easter Sunday 

8:15am Parish Choir Warm-up in the Sanctuary 
8:30am Nursery Care Available in the Dewart Room 

9:00am Easter Worship in the Sanctuary and via YouTube

10:15am Festive Easter Reception in Hadley Hall 
10:30am Easter Egg Hunt Outdoors 

11:15am Easter Worship in the Sanctuary


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