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About Us: Stewardship

Giving from the Heart — Stewardship 2024

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Parish of the Epiphany's 2024 stewardship campaign,
Giving from the Heart
, invites us to be a church committed to the flourishing of one another and those who are not yet a part of this community. Through your pledge, we will sustain the growth we’ve experienced and help launch new ministries such as small groups for growth with God and neighbor, renewing our culture of welcome and invitation to newcomers, and expanding our administrative staff to support outreach through improved marketing and communication.

Our annual campaign goal for this year is $1.2 million. We ask you to consider making, increasing, or sustaining your financial pledge this year. Your pledge is a tangible and transformative connection to living our faith and life together.

What is stewardship?

Stewardship is an expression of gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings of life that come from God. It is love shared and love returned. A life lived in gratitude is a life lived in love.

Why does the Parish of the Epiphany call stewardship a spiritual practice?

Any spiritual practice is based on faith—faith that the act repeated regularly will increase our awareness of the presence of God and will gradually remove from our lives walls we erect that block God’s grace. Spiritual practices include worship, prayer, silence and meditation, contemplation, reading scripture, and giving. Giving (financial stewardship is our focus here) has numerous spiritual benefits. Here are just three:

  • First, stewardship reduces our attachment to things material. We learn that giving away something we “have” really does not diminish us at all. Our needs continue to be met by God.
  • Second, regular giving chips away at the concept of “mine” and “yours” and helps us better experience the truth that we are indeed one in spirit.
  • Finally, in some mysterious way, our willingness to give determines our willingness to receive. No doubt many of us know individuals who, in their reluctance to give, are also reluctant to receive. Being willing to give makes us open to receiving the many good gifts that freely gives to us every moment of every day. 

Is my stewardship defined only by the money I give to the church?

Absolutely not. Time and service given to others is a critical component of stewardship. Our church and the broader community can’t function without these gifts of time and service.

Why is my pledge important?

Two reasons. First, pledging yourself to any spiritual practice increases the likelihood that you will actually do it. In the fall each year we ask you to commit to the practice of giving. We’re most concerned with your commitment to this practice, and less concerned with how much you give. Second, your vestry does its best to operate the church on a sound financial basis, and having a good handle on the revenue the church can expect enhances the vestry’s ability to plan responsibly.  We hold our stewardship campaign in the fall, because that’s when the vestry develops next year’s operating budget.

What percent of the church’s annual budget is supported by pledges?

About 90%. The rest of the operating budget is supported by cash offerings, donations, some income from the use of our buildings by others, and income from our small endowment.

What percent of households fulfill their annual pledge each year?

Ninety-seven percent. 

What happens if I make a pledge and find I cannot fulfill it?

Your pledge is not a contract. It is a spiritual commitment. It is very important to our financial planning, however. If you let know (confidentially) that you need to make a change in the amount of your pledge, we will do so. No questions asked. 

Why is the Parish of the Epiphany trying to increase electronic giving?

The goal is purely a both practical one for the church (it helps to even out our cash flow and makes financial management easier) and a matter of convenience for many parishioners. 

Do I have to pay when I pledge? Can I pay in installments?

Once you've made your pledge, you can fulfill it in as many payments as you wish throughout the year.  If you would like them, we can provide pledge envelopes that match the schedule you wish to follow.  Contact if you have questions or if you encounter any difficulties. 

If you wish to use appreciated securities to fulfill your pledge, please contact

How much should I give? Am I expected to tithe?

If you asked ten different members of the church this question you would likely get ten different answers. We encourage you to give a gift that is meaningful, even sacrificial, and we encourage you to increase the percentage of your household income that you commit each year, if you can.  If it helps as you think about this, Epiphany has annual pledges of $100 and annual pledges that exceed $25,000. Our average annual pledge was $2400 last year, our median $3800. If we can all give a gift that is meaningful to us, we will be able to achieve the vision for Epiphany that Rev. Nick and the vestry have put before us.

Have you considered using an IRA Charitable Rollover to fulfill your annual commitment to Epiphany?

The IRA Charitable Rollover provides you with an opportunity to make a gift from funds that would be subject to multiple levels of taxation if they remained in your taxable estate. Under 2015 federal legislation, you can use your IRA to make a gift to a charitable institution, including Parish of the Epiphany. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can request that your IRA administrator to transfer your gift directly to Epiphany and exclude the amount of the gift from your gross income for income tax purposes.

By making an IRA charitable rollover gift, you can:

  • Satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution
  • Avoid federal and, in many cases, state income taxes, and
  • Create an immediate and tangible impact on Epiphany.

Some things to remember:

  • Gifts from traditional and Roth IRAs must be made directly from the account administrator to Epiphany. The funds cannot pass through your hands.
  • Other qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s are not eligible.

To make a gift, simply instruct your IRA administrator to mail a check, payable to Parish of the Epiphany, direct it to Maryann Badejo, Bookkeeper, Parish of the Epiphany, 70 Church Street, Winchester, MA 01890. Please make sure that your IRA administrator includes the following information in the memo line of the check, or in an accompanying letter: your name, the designation of your gift (specify 2022 or 2023 pledge payment), and a notation that this constitutes a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA.

Please contact with any questions.

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Winchester, MA 01890
Phone: 781.729.1922


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